About US

TCR Academy is a leading provider of technical courses targeted towards plant inspection, maintenance and operations personnel in India in the areas of Metallurgy, Corrosion Studies including sour gas corrosion detection, Remaining Life and Failure Investigation. TCR Academy also offers a results-oriented and focused curriculum for training on Non Destructive Testing (NDT) in a number of subjects.

The training curriculum from TCR Academy is formalized to provide custom training programs, best practices and leading knowledge in material testing. The training facility is equipped with latest technologies. You will find an opportunity to improve the skills of your metallurgist, engineers and technicians.

TCR Academy has formed a partnership with PP SIMTECH Solutions Ltd (UK), acclaimed specialists in providing asset integrity managing technology services and related training globally. Due to this alliance, we are providing jointly with PP SIMTECH, training courses in application of the three core technological areas in modern asset integrity management, i.e. Risk Based Inspection, Damage Mechanisms and Fitness-for-Service.

TCR Academy‟s trainers have several years of experience in the technical training industry. The training style is highly effective, and our trainers are all professionals in the technical education field, most with years of experience both in the classroom and with applied technology skills. TCR Academy‟s classrooms and training facilities are second to none.

At TCR Academy, we believe in a "coaching" approach to training. An effort is made to try to ensure that the students spend most of their time in class actively learning with exercises and lab work. Our ASNT Level II certification is based on ASNT standard SNT-TC-1A as well as the newly released CP-189 standard.

TCR Academy understands the changing and dynamic nature of this industry. A dedicated Curriculum Developer researches and qualifies new courseware for purchase, licensing, or develops/ partners with a vendor for courseware ensuring that our courseware standards and materials stay current.

Unlike other training schools, TCR Academy adopts and promotes the train-the-trainer approach. Should you like the trainer to stay and interact with your team post-training phase, we can assist in the same. TCR Academy can also custom tailor a class to suit your company´s unique requirement. To conduct these courses we require minimum 4 students and can accommodate a max of 10 students per class.

The technical training fees include theoretical training, practical, and examination. The classes are run on dedicated equipment with trainers that have over 10 years of teaching experience. Unlike other classes, our curriculum is closely aligned with industry requirements and has close parallels to the working style of active projects that are run at large companies.

All courses are designed to impart practical knowledge that can be applied immediately to the outside world. These will provide engineers and technicians with the capability to improve their testing techniques, learn how to perform advanced tests, and help assure how to meet standards. From novice to an expert, courses are designed to learn more in the field of material sciences. Courses can be personalized based on the needs of our clients. TCR has the capability to conduct a course for 20 candidates at the same time.

Candidates will receive training from experienced metallurgists, engineers and laboratory technicians. Our instructors have a minimum of 15+ years of experience in the industry. Each NDT trainer is ASNT Level III certified. TCR trainers have field experience in the areas of Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Chemical Processing, Defense, Nuclear Power, Scrap and Capital Goods manufacturing.

TCR Academy runs the technical courses from its training centre in Mumbai, India, in addition to providing on-site training where required.