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We are dedicated to the belief that people are our most important asset. Whatever the nature of the challenge, whether meeting the quality assurance needs of corporations or the simplest NDT education on hand, it is our passionate, committed and empowered people who ultimately make the difference. Trust is at the core of all ethical business dealings. Trust that others will do as they say and trust that we will live up to our commitments.

One key to building trust is being transparent in the way we communicate with others, and by providing timely and accurate information. TCR’s diverse and experienced professionals and educators work together toward a common goal of excellence in every aspect of the business.

V.K. Bafna, Director, TCR Engineering

Mr. V.K. Bafna is the Founder and Managing Director of TCR Engineering Services, Mumbai, India, a partner at TCR Advanced Engineering Services in Baroda, India and a JV partner of TCR Kuwait, TCR Engineering and TCR Malaysia.

Mr. Bafna started TCR Engineering Services in 1973 and successfully led the company with outstanding year after year financial results. A visionary with sound material sciences experience, strong business acumen and relentless sincerity, he is the father of this organization and the key management executive to mould and mature the organization. With clear sense of purpose and urgency, realizing the need of the industry TCR became India’s reliable and leading ISO 17025 accredited materials testing & contract research firm.

Paresh Haribhakti, Director & Chief Failure Analyst.

Mr. Paresh Haribhakti is the Managing Director of TCR Advanced Engineering Services in Baroda, India (a TCR Engineering Services partner company).

With more than 250 failure investigation cases of power plants, fertilizers, chemicals and petrochemicals industries, Mr. Haribhakti has intensive work experience to his credentials. He has solved materials engineering problems and performed failure analysis on components from petrochemical plants, oil and gas transmission pipelines, offshore structures, ships, pharmaceutical plants, food processing equipment, gas turbine engine components, and weldments.

Mr. Ron Selva, Engineering Director, PP SIMTECH – a TCR Engineering partner company

Mr. Ron Selva has over 35 years of experience in design, construction, Damage Mechanisms inspection and integrity management of static equipment items of a plant. His credentials include.

Mr. Selva is the Engineering Director of PP SIMTECH Solutions Ltd, a TCR Engineering partner company, based in the UK and a founder member of the company in 1997. The company specializes in providing asset integrity managing technology services globally.

Mr. T. Dalton, Principal Metallurgist, PP SIMTECH (UK) – a TCR Engineering partner company

Mr Dalton has nearly 30 years experience covering Failure investigations and Damage Mechanisms (DMs) assessment of all types of static and rotating equipment items in both new and aging plants.

Such work has been related to mechanical, thinning, metallurgical and cracking damage encountered on a wide range of equipment items of plants with diverse operating conditions involving many types of process chemicals and materials of construction. The equipment materials involved include carbon and low alloy steels, stainless steels, nickel alloys, copper alloys, aluminium alloys and other more exotic materials such as titanium and zirconium.

Dr. G. E. Prasad

Retd. Head Materials Characterization Section BARC, Ex Hon. Secretary of Indian Nuclear Society

Dr. G.E. Prasad is a well known personality in the field of Metallurgical Investigations and Failure Analysis. He has been associated with Dept. of Atomic Energy till he retired in 2001. Dr. Prasad has also represented India in a 3 member team who was involved in Kanishka (Air India Jet) blast case. He has numerous investigations of failure in Heavy Water Project, DAE and governmental institutions around the country. Dr. Prasad has been a General Secretary of such renowned societies as Indian Institute of Metals (Mumbai Chapter), Material Research Society (Mumbai Branch) and Indian Nuclear Society (Mumbai). He is the ex. honorary secretary of the Indian Nuclear Society.

Mr. C.V. Srinivasan

UNDP Corrosion Specialist

Mr. Srinivasan is the Technical Director, Nishi Engineers Pvt Ltd Chennai with over 42 years of professional experience. He has published 38 papers on Corrosion, Metallurgy, Welding, N.D.T in various International and National Conferences on Corrosion, metallurgy, Welding, Non-Destructive Testing, Vibration + Journals from 1965 onwards including UNDP conferences. His expertise includes conducting Third Party & Statutory Inspection / Certification of LPG/Butane/Pentane / Ammonia/ VCM/ Chlorine / Nitrogen/ Oxygen Static Storage Vessels (Bullets / Spheres), Petroleum / Methanol/ Diesel/ HSD/ LSD/ Kerosene etc Storage vessels, Used Pressure Vessels / Used Lifting Machines / Lifting Tools, Cranes, Hoists etc.

Dr. Rajendra Kumar

Advisory Board Member at TCR.

Dr. Rajendra Kumar is a renowned metallurgist of our country. He is a doctorate from world famous University of Sheffield, UK. Dr. Rajendra Kumar was the Director of National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur and a former Director of Regional Research Laboratory, Bhopal.

Dr. P. B. Joshi

Advisory Board Member at TCR.

Dr. P B Joshi is a professor in Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Faculty of Technology and Engineering, Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara.He is a Ph. D. in Material Engineering. Dr Joshi is having more than 25 years of teaching experience in the field of metallurgy. He has more than 50 research publications in International journals & National journals, and authored a book titled “Materials for Electrical and Electronic Contacts”.

Mr. Jagdish Baad

Advisory Board Member at TCR.

Mr. Jagdish Baad is Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgical Engineering with First Class honors from IIT, Mumbai. He is having experience of 25 years in forge shop, steel, cast iron, S.G. Iron and Non¬ferrous foundries. He has worked reached to Sr. Management position starting from the Engineer level. He has handled Turn key projects related to Foundry Mechanization, Quality Assurance and Product management of critical castings for turbine, material handling and wear resistance applications. Some of them are first of its kind.

Mr. K. Ravindran


Mr. Ravindran has the unique distinction of holding the ASNT NDT Level III certification in 11 subjects including RT, UT , MT , PT, VT, ET, LT, IR ,AE, VR and NR. He also carried the AWS CWI certifications. He has an overall experience of 25 years in inspection field of castings, forgings, pressure vessels (Designing, fabrication inspection) and pipe lines inspection. He is familiar in Destructive and Nondestructive inspection technique, as applicable to Welds, castings, forgings etc as well as inspection of raw materials with relevant specifications. He is thoroughly familiar with all the relevant applicable Codes and Standards for Nondestructive Testing and well versed in the documentation procedures. He is a post Graduate in physics, Post Graduate Diploma in Radiation Protection by Bombay University BARC (INDIA). He has over ten years experience in conducting training courses and classes all most in all methods of NDT, welding technology and casting and foundry technology.

S. S. Shanbhag, Chief Metallurgist

Mr. Shanbhag is a chief Metallurgist with over 26 years of experience. He serves as a technical expert on the most complex metallurgical testing projects.

Mr. Shanbhag is "Hands-on" in the laboratory and performs material testing, analysis and results interpretation of numerous samples analyzed through the laboratory including mechanical, chemical, metallography and corrosion. He is part of the investigative team that performs failure and root cause analysis of failed components.

Surendra Singh, Mechanical Laboratory Dept. Head

Mr. Singh has strong material testing laboratory experience. He is familiar with the metallurgy of carbon, alloy and stainless steels, superalloys, and with ASTM, ASME, API, IS and NACE material standards and specifications, and with both destructive and nondestructive test methodology. He has strong experience in evaluating properties of materials, materials characterization and behavior, materials specifications, mechanical testing, corrosion detection, machining of materials, and laboratory design and operation.

Jaidev Patel, ASNT Level III, NDT Expert

Mr. Patel has 15 years of experience in QA /QC inspection in oil and Gas industry, Petrochemical and refineries and is qualified as a ASNT LEVEL III UT, MT. He is experienced in pressure vessel fabrication (static equipment) inspection and Third Party Inspection of materials like plates, pipes, forgings, casting at a vendor's location. He also has hands on experience in NDT (UT, MT, PT) and Radiographic Film interpretation and Destructive testing of various materials.

Gopul Patel, General Manager Scientific Research

Mr. Patel is a post graduate from Sardar Patel University. He has an extensive knowledge of vacuum Technology and has worked as Scientific officer at Department of Science and technology sponsored Research centre. He has hands on experience of operation and calibration of various sophisticated analytical instruments such as Transmission Electron Microscope, Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS, X Ray Diffraction, ICP OES, spectrometers, Thermal Analyzers such as DSC, TGA. He has experience of various advanced methods of material characterization and have worked extensively in the field of microscopy. He has been trained for Operation of Electron microscope at PHILLIPS, The Netherlands.